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5 pumps

Okex, Kucoin

Time: New York (GMT-4)

The essence of the project is in the joint purchase (pump) and consequent sale of low liquidity coins.

This is the most reliable way to earn a high income that the cryptocurrency market can offer to the investor with a relatively low budget.

Coordinate pumps are a closed market, and we know our major investors. However, we believe that involving more investor is a promising area in the development of our infrastructure.

* For those who have learned, accounts are preserved;)

Pump 1 out of 5. Summer will be hot!

date pump

19 July


40 %

refund of a deposit

24 /7


20 July

Receiving funds, accruals and payments system

  1. No volatility. All incoming payments are converted according to the current USD exchange rate through Stablecoin.
  2. We accept btc, eth, dash, ltc, pax.
  3. Funds are received until July 18 or up to $235.000.
  4. The conversion fee is not charged, accruals are made in US dollars
  5. We guarantee fixed +40% *
  6. Until the 18th, deposit withdrawal is available 24/7 upon request via a feedback form in the personal account.
  7. Reinvest and withdrawal will be available on the 20th in your personal account. The funds are converted using the current exchange rate and return in the currency the deposit was made in.
* For those who have recognized us, we state that we have elaborated the calculation system with a significant number of small and short loans, and we do not believe that it destructs the market of coordinated pumps.
We are ready to offer to our friend investors the previous work algorithm in the range between 40 and 120 %. If you wish to participate with the amount of $2,000 and more, write to email [email protected].

Risks, safety, and benefits


July 19, all participants will receive an invitation in the private Telegram chat, where we will post the trading process in near-real time (with a two-hour delay). Watching it is optional, but we believe that it is a very cognitive process, which you should at least have a look at in order to analyze the results and adjust your own behavior in the market.

  1. We are not a HYIP, and we are not going anywhere, we are always online, and answer to all queries without exception.
  2. We have very expensive advertisement intended for the entire summer and a chain of five pumps.
  3. We are always readily available, and we spend our resources and time for business only. We limit ourselves to the Telegram channel as the safest and the most comfortable social network. We invest in the channel development, share our ideas about the market, and offer our own predictions on Bitcoin value.
  4. Funds receipt only in cryptocurrency is for your own and our safety. Automatic processing and conversion of large amounts of the received funds without the risks from the regulator is only possible with blockchain.
  5. We believe that the main advantage of the project is the opportunity to see a low-liquid coin pumped up, and how high it can be pumped by the newbies. We realize that for $15 we sell tickets to behind the scenes.



As a group of financial experts, we recognize that we put at risk the very basis of working with investments – protecting the interests of investors.

* On the questions from those who know more than others (and for whom French is native), we answer – no, this is not about CLAM, you were late with that. When in March the guys collected money for a short position, they warned that market volatility does not matter. They also said that it would be easier to work in a falling market, but you, at that time, were opposed to attracting a mass investor (and you yourself did not participate with the adequate amounts). Now this question is closed, and please do not write to us about this. You will not receive detailed information on the planned coins. We are preparing the news background ourselves, and we do not need additional help.


  1. The previously indicated email is not working! Send your questions to [email protected]. Please follow our Telegram channel.
  2. A SUPER QUESTION.. No, you do not depend on the exchange rate when investing into a cryptocurrency. We convert everything according to the current exchange rate, and only through Stablecoin! The reverse calculation is made in the same way. Accruals are made in USD. When funds are withdrawn, reverse conversion is made, and the funds are paid out in the currency, in which the payment was made. We do not charge a conversion fee. Please do not ask our support team this question!
  3. On July 19‑20, the support team will be online 24 hours!
  4. The project is open to everyone, but, most likely, we will return to the normal variant with invitations. Please send your invitation requests to [email protected].
  5. The exact dates and terms of the second pump will be stated on the website and in our Telegram channel. (Duplicated to the address you provided during your registration). New members will, most likely, be rejected. Only the existing members, the others will be admitted by invitations with indication of the investment amount. The entry threshold will be higher.
  6. Large investor acquaintances, a big hello to you from nohodl, if you have recognized me, and you’re in the business, write to the email below with a clear hint about who you are and what your reciprocal terms will be (we are not ready to increase the percentage, but we are ready to accelerate payments upon goal achievement and to support sales, if we agree on autonomous sales [email protected])
  7. Everyone! Upon reaching the required amount (or a close value), investments from US$5,000 are to be preliminarily coordinated via email [email protected]
  8. The pump schedule will consistently appear in the news feed on the website and in your account. In addition, all important messages will be duplicated to the emails of project participants.

About us

We are an international group of financial specialists from various countries. We started our work with arbitrage transactions, but since 2015, by a twist of fate, we have been dealing exclusively with coordinated pumps. We do insist that a managed and understandable income is better than attempts to earn a hyper profit, being based on positive market trends. In a calm manner, without any stress, we are building the business through blogs and Telegram channels selling ‘signals’ to traders, and working solely with low liquidity coins.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.